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Friday, 4 March 2016

The Home made Cheese (Short Story)

    Most of us have pets with which we develop bonds. When the bond strengthens, even the pets start recognizing their owners and remain loyal to them, for the rest of their lives.This story tells about such a bond between a woman and her pet.

                "You'll have to wait till I get Savitri milked,only then you can have your glass of milk   Murugan ," said Kamakshi when she went to the cow shed to milk her cow "Savitri".
Savitri was Kamakshi's pet  cow which came along with her to her in-laws'  house  when she got married. Until then it was with her at her parents' house where there were 2 more cows which Kamakshi played with, in her childhood.

   When Kamakshi got married, Savitri had gone grazing which was a routine 
   during evenings and would come back all by itself, by the the next morning.It would calmly relax in the shed after coming back home.

But, when Kamakshi got wedded, Savitri didn't go back home in the morning, it went to Kamakshi's new house which was 2 streets away from her parents' house.Then onwards, Savitri stayed at Kamakshi's new house and so Murugan (Kamakshi's son)would have pure cow milk daily and play with Savitri.

                Kamakshi couldn't find Savitri today. It didn't even come back home after grazing. She went to her mother's home, to find Savitri there. But, she couldn't find her even there.Everyone were worried as Savitri was ready to deliver now.
        Everyone searched for it , all nearby places and open areas were searched
       Even the school and temple were visited to search for Savitri.
       Neighbours,relatives,friends every one helped in the search, but no one
       could find it. Kamakshi came back home worried and distressed.

      Later, in the evening, Keshavan, a teen aged boy, who was Kamakshi's junior at her school came running to her and inquired if her cow was missing.
 "Kamakshi, has your cow gone out for grazing ? " he asked. Kamakshi nodded and asked why he was asking so. Then Keshavan told that there was a cow near the playground where they play cricket daily.

Keshavan continued, "It was seen grazing last evening.Today morning, there was a calf with it.Some farmers living there, managed to take care of it.But its not allowing anyone to touch the new born calf which has to be cleaned."
  So, I thought it must be some one's pet cow and came running here as I remember you had cows at your parents' house and one of them followed you when you got wedded.

Kamakshi was delighted, but then she felt it better to send Murugan to recognize if it was Savitri.Murugan went  to the Play ground along with Keshavan on the bicycle. 

It was a brand old cycle which would give a creaking sound whenever the pedals were moved.Murugan kept laughing and enjoying the sound till they reached the play ground.
  Kamakshi later went to the play ground when Murugan came back saying that it was   Savitri.One of the farmers denied to leave Savitri saying it was his cow which  he  had been taking care of since a few years.
 "Its my "Deepa" ", this is how he was addressing Savitri. 
   Kamakshi didn't bother and just asked one of the farmers to help her to carry the calf  and  cleaned it. 

Then she gently called Savitri saying "Come on Savitri ", "lets go home" and walked her way towards her house.
  The farmer was alarmed, shouting "Deepa don't go my Deepa " when Savitri followed Kamakshi in full energy giving a kick in return to the farmer's call.
 Later, Kamakshi thanked all the farmers, who took care of her pet and  "Hannu" the little cute calf named by Murugan, and showed her gratitude by distributing each of  them  fresh home made cheese which was made by boiling the cow milk adding little sugar and pepper powder.
     Kamakshi made delicious cheese out of the milk and cut into pieces so as to serve it  to everyone.  Keshavan was specially thanked and had the privilege of enjoying the home made cheese for around a week, along with Murugan his new cricket companion, after coming back home   from playing in  the same playground where Hannu was born.

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